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Honest, fair prices. Your trusted resource for precious metal purchases.


The trusted resource for buying and selling precious metals.

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Gold and Silver Exchange

The gold rush is officially on…and for the past 29 years, Jerry Breyer and his friendly staff at Gold and Silver Exchange in Grand Forks have been serving their customers with a proven track record of integrity and professionalism that’s as rare as the precious metals they buy and sell.

At Gold and Silver Exchange, not only will you find a courteous team of knowledgeable experts who understand market trends and fluctuations, you’ll discover a business whose core values stem from the teachings of the Gospel. They make no mistake about it; when you arrive at 2124 Gateway Drive you’ll be welcomed by a sign that says, “This business is protected by the blood of Jesus Christ.” It’s a message they’ve built their reputation upon; one they value more than gold.

“Kind of interesting, the other day, one of my sons who works for a computer company in the cities, was on the computer and he found our credit rating with the Better Business Bureau. He said, ‘Dad, this is amazing.’ On a scale from A+ to F, the Better Business Bureau rated us A+. In all those years, it doesn’t show one complaint that was against us. I was pretty proud of that, an A+ rating over all those years.”

Jerry Breyer

Stop in today and sell some of that old gold and silver gathering up dust. You’ll receive an honest shake. They make it a policy to treat people fairly, and their prices are competitive nationwide.

Interested in buying gold? Now is a historic opportunity to hedge against inflation and the declining dollar, and own currency that’s reclaiming its place at the center of the global financial system. When all else fails, governments rescue themselves with the printing press, making their currency worth less and gold worth more. Gold has always risen the most when confidence in government is at its lowest, because Gold is money, and maintains its value over the long-term.

There’s no better place to buy, sell, or stop in to ask questions about your precious metal options than at Gold and Silver Exchange in Grand Forks.

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